24/10/2013 10:07, Report by Mark Froggatt
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Holyfield hits Old Trafford

Earlier this month, Evander Holyfield dropped in on Old Trafford to catch a glimpse of "the famous Manchester United" in action. Thankfully, managed a grab a word with the former heavyweight champion of the world...

What has brought you to Manchester?
I'm here to see the game and also giving motivational speeches, talking about my career and things that I have achieved. It helps people who are under-privileged. I’m also doing lots of work for the Global Village Champions Foundation, an incredible charity that is trying to feed the homeless.

How much do you enjoy football (soccer)?
I am a sports fan and soccer is one of the things that I really like. It is something new for me, I have seen it on TV and this is the first time I’ve seen it live. I’ve heard United are the best and I like being around the best, so it was great to visit Old Trafford.

What do you make of the current heavyweight division?
It’s not great but it can be improved with the breakdown of the Klitschkos. In a year of two, I think there will be a changing of the guard but until a genuine challenger comes up, it won’t happen. In boxing, you are the champion until somebody comes along and takes it off you. So until somebody beats a Klitschko, or until they retire, it won’t change. 

Are there any parallels between boxing and football?
Well, boxing is an individual sport whereas football is a team sport and you need everybody to do their part to win. A comparison can be made in the preparation and the coaches that we

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