Privileged position

"Danny Welbeck told me last week that it would be a "privilege" to play in the match. I think it's a privilege just to be there."

Adam Marshall,

05/03/2013 15:02, Report by Adam Marshall
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Hottest ticket in town

Most pundits and supporters feel certain United must win to progress, with Jose Mourinho's men, and Cristiano Ronaldo in particular, such an obvious threat going forward. A second away goal, which so nearly arrived at the Bernabeu, would have strengthened the Reds' position immensely but it must not be forgotten that the team's performance in the Spanish capital surely has to give every fan belief.

In the build-up to kick-off in Madrid on a national UK radio station, the presenter offered the opinion that United would be lucky to remain in the two-legged tie, let alone the game, after hearing of the bold team selection by the boss. 

Real Madrid are an excellent side but so are the Barclays Premier League leaders. Knowing that a victory of any sort will be sufficient is probably all anybody would have asked for before the first leg. Now is not the time for any doubts but to back the players to the hilt and generate a cauldron of noise that can better anything offered up at the Bernabeu.

Spare a thought that there are thousands of people who would love to have your ticket. Remember to not only enjoy the occasion but participate in it. Here's hoping that we can all contribute to a match that will sit proudly alongside some of the club's very best in Europe.

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