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Q&A: Liam Fray

to win it back.

After that, can we beat Real Madrid and compete in the Champions League?
They’ve got some great players but they aren’t in particularly scintillating form, so if Rooney and RvP play at their best and Ronaldo has an off day, we’ve got a great chance. Anything can happen over two legs. However, it’s important we go over there and get an away goal.

As a Mancunian, you must be proud to feature on the matchday playlist at Old Trafford?
I was at the QPR game and as I walked up the steps, ‘Take Over The World’ was blasting around the ground. It was a surreal moment and those are the things that you dream of when you’re a kid. I’m not good enough to be on the pitch, but good enough to be on the speakers... I’ll take that!

What can fans expect from your new album, Anna?
It’s the best thing we’ve ever done. I honestly can’t wait for people to hold a physical copy, get the lyrics booklet out and devour the songs. There’s a lack of guitar bands with proper, real, honest songs around at the minute so it feels great to come back with this record.

The Courteeners’ third album, Anna, is released on February 4.

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