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"Take away all of the emotion and desire for short-term supremacy; is the Manchester derby a bigger fixture than those contested with historic rivals Liverpool, a club which has throughout recent history battled United for the title of pound-for-pound champion in English football? It’s a good question."

 -'s Mark Froggatt

09/01/2013 12:48, Report by Mark Froggatt
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Blog: Liverpool or City?

“Whether City have overtaken Liverpool now, I don’t know… it’ll probably take years for them to create what Liverpool have done," said Scholes. "Liverpool historically are our biggest rivals, they’re always the biggest games and the best atmospheres. But I’m sure City will run them close.”

The answer, in my opinion at least, lies in context. With a short-term viewpoint, City are unquestionably United's principal opponents. But in terms of trophy wins, emotion and one-upmanship, there is arguably no greater opponent than Liverpool.

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