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31/01/2013 11:18, Report by Mark Froggatt
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Fans on the spot

United face Fulham for the second time in seven days on Saturday, having knocked the Cottagers out of the FA Cup with a 4-1 win at Old Trafford last weekend.

Ryan Giggs opened the scoring from the spot in that match, temporarily taking over penalty taking duties from Wayne Rooney following a couple of recent misses for the Reds striker.

Afterwards, Sir Alex praised Giggsy's ability to convert from 12 yards but said Rooney will eventually reclaim the responsibility from the Welshman, which got us thinking - who should take our next one?

To help decide, we left headquarters to quiz fans in and around Old Trafford, asking them which player they'd trust to do the business from the spot. Here’s what they said:

Denis Parish, Moston
“This is probably the obvious answer, given his goal scoring form this season, but I think Robin van Persie should be our primary penalty taker. Obviously, he missed one against Southampton but that is irrelevant for me. He perfectly mixes power with accuracy.”

Richard Hope, Moston
“Penalties have been a great problem for us and lots of different players have missed, so maybe we should give somebody else a chance. I’d like to see Patrice Evra step up. He’s our stand-in captain so he’s used to pressure and he’s also found his scoring touch this season.”

Kim Woong, Shanghai
“For a long time, Wayne Rooney has been responsible for penalties and I don’t think that should change, even if he has missed one or two. He is a big game player and I’m sure he’ll deliver the goods when it really matters. He can handle the intensity at the highest level.”

Aditya Pusalkar, London
“Sir Alex once claimed Ryan Giggs is our best penalty taker and I have to agree. I think

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