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07/01/2013 09:13 , Editorial team
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Today at Old Trafford

12:35 Another telltale sign of the magnitude of today’s fixture is the busyness of the press lounge, where the world’s media congregates before and after the match. Normally, there are the usual characters from the national media knocking about but today is different, with journalists from around the globe competing for power sockets and more importantly, first dibs on the full-English breakfast currently being served. (MF)

12:30 You can always tell when there’s a big match at Old Trafford. There’s a certain atmosphere in and around the stadium, with thousands of fans arriving much earlier than usual. My traditionally peaceful commute to work on the buses and trams of Manchester was also a lot busier than normal as plenty of supporters journeyed to M16 up to three hours before kickoff. (MF)

12:23 Like thousands of fans around the stadium no doubt, I've been reading Sir Alex's column in today's match programme. As always, it's a great insight into the great man's thinking and it provides journalists like us with some quality soundbites. For example: "In my eyes at least, our rivalry [with Liverpool] has never flagged. Stand by for a demanding game." (AB)

12:16 The tension is building ahead of kick-off and the team news will soon be announced. Plenty of positions are up for debate, not least in the centre of defence, and we'll reveal all shortly. (AM)

11:57 The match kicks off at 13:30 GMT and if you can't see the game on television, you can follow my text commentary at Match Tracker. Adam Marshall will also be publishing a match report on the final whistle and we'll have radio commentary available thanks to MUTV's David Stowell. Check out our

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