23/06/2013 10:47, Report by Adam Bostock
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Red conquers Everest

United fan Nima Namgyal Sherpa fulfilled one of his big ambitions in May when he climbed Mount Everest in his native Nepal. Among his vital supplies, helping him to scale the world-famous peak, was a photo of the Reds' title-winning squad...

So, Nima, tell us about yourself – how old are you and how long have you been following Manchester United?
I'm 30 and I was born and raised in the mountains of Nepal, in a remote village called Khumjung. I attended the school built there by Everest's famous first conqueror, Sir Edmund Hillary. After graduating as a doctor in Kathmandu in 2009, I decided to help my fellow Sherpas and our many visiting climbers from overseas by specialising in high-altitude medicine and the management of medical emergencies on the mountains. I can't remember the exact date I started following Manchester United but it's been a while, certainly since the mid-1990s when, besides studying, football was the first thing on my mind.

Why are United your favourite team?
One of my favourite players when I was younger was David Beckham because of his “bend it like Beckham” free-kicks and corner kicks. I always wanted his team to win and, of course, he was playing for United at the time. Today, United are still my team because of all the players who work hard together to achieve one goal and because of the legendary manager who's just retired after 26 years, winning all those trophies.

Do you watch the matches on television? If so, where do you watch them, and who with?
I mostly watch at home but I go out with friends to watch big games on a big screen in the bars and pubs where the environment is much more lively and exciting. Many bars and pubs in Kathmandu show such games on projector screens. I have never been to Old Trafford but it’s on my wish list. Hopefully one day I can save enough money to travel there.

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