"My ambition is to try and paint about  sport in a way that has not been done within the art world before. I really think there is a place for it."

- Ben Mosley

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26/03/2013 11:24, Report by Adam Marshall
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Feature: A work of art

Artist Ben Mosley has discussed the work he has produced for the Manchester United Foundation after impressing Sir Alex Ferguson and David Gill with his painting.

The 31-year-old has undertaken two major projects in association with the club, earning several thousands of pounds for charity.

'The Rooney v Man City' depicts Wayne Rooney's famous overhead kick in the Manchester derby in 2011 while 'Legends' features Denis Law, Denis Irwin and Peter Schmeichel and was painted 'live' during a dinner in London where the trio were guests of honour.

"Basically, I was doing some work for Gordon Taylor at the PFA and I’d done a painting of Manchester United called ‘United Forever’," explained Mosley to  "I thought Gordon may know somebody at United and he phoned up David Gill and arranged a meeting for me. [Chief operating officer] Michael Bolingbroke and David met that same afternoon and they looked at the painting and were really good about it. They said the painting needed to be more specific to Manchester United as they felt it wasn’t quite recognisable as the club.

"So they invited me up to Manchester to watch the first home game of the season against Tottenham last season and said to come in and get a feel for the place and the atmosphere. I had to go away and work on a painting that did United justice.

"The painting I decided to do was based on the best moment – Wayne Rooney’s goal against Manchester City. The reason why I depicted it from so many different angles was due to the enormity of the goal. It was quite spectacular and I wanted the viewer to become engrossed by it.

"I’m 31 and I think it’s been the best goal in my lifetime because of the moment and to do it in front of that many people in a high-pressure situation. He wasn’t having the best of games and yet it was such a brilliant moment and an amazing goal. Michael said he’d like to auction it off and do something at the United UNICEF dinner in December 2011 at Old Trafford.

"The Rooney painting was auctioned off and Wayne signed it for the person who won it. I met Wayne at Carrington and we had the photo together. At the dinner, I spoke on stage

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