"My ambition is to try and paint about  sport in a way that has not been done within the art world before. I really think there is a place for it."

- Ben Mosley

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26/03/2013 11:24, Report by Adam Marshall
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Feature: A work of art


"The Rooney painting was auctioned off and Wayne signed it for the person who won it. I met Wayne at Carrington and we had the photo together. At the dinner, I spoke on stage about the painting and Sir Alex was really good about it. He even posted a bid in for the painting and said: ‘Well done, Ben’. He was really nice to me about it all. One thing I really like about the club is, considering how big it is, everybody is so positive and friendly. It’s why the club has been so successful – I think success starts within and I’ve always thought that everybody is really upbeat and positive. It’s a really friendly club."

The next assignment was based around the concept of a 'live painting' which was very well received at a Foundation dinner at the Renaissance Hotel.

"I was introduced to Gill Mitchell at the Foundation and one of the things I’d been working on at the Olympics was doing a lot of paintings in front of live audiences," added Mosley. "I said I could produce a live painting at one of your dinners.

"So at St Pancras, I did a live painting of Irwin, Schmeichel and Law with the three poses of them when they were playing. I was given three-and-a-half to four hours to do that. I paint directly onto the canvas anyway as it gives a spontaneous feel. As I’m painting about sport, there’s a good correlation between the two as it gives me an arena with an audience as well. From that side of things, it gives more of a credibility in the link between the two and that was then auctioned off for the Foundation by Jeffrey Archer. The Rooney one went for £3,300 and the Legends one for £3,500.

"I enjoyed doing it as it was quite an achievement – it was probably the most highly-pressured thing I’ve ever done in my career to date. Being under that spotlight, the painting was quite technical with a lot of colour in it, so it was quite a challenge to get it done in that timeframe. So I was quite pleased to be able to do that as

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