"My ambition is to try and paint about  sport in a way that has not been done within the art world before. I really think there is a place for it."

- Ben Mosley

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26/03/2013 11:24, Report by Adam Marshall
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Feature: A work of art

so it was quite a challenge to get it done in that timeframe. So I was quite pleased to be able to do that as you can’t afford to make mistakes.

"It was quite an honour that the club believed in me enough to allow me the opportunity to do it and the chance to go on stage to talk to the prestigious guests. I appreciate that."

Mosley's style ensures his work is very different to a number of his contemporaries painting about football and he is keen that his viewers can see the depth of his artistry.

"The club has been very good with me and it’s very forward-thinking," he explained. "My style is quite like Henri Matisse and Picasso, they are my influences. My ambition is to try and paint about sport in a way that has not been done within the art world before. I really think there is a place for it. If I can establish a relationship with a club like United and they see potential in me, it means I’m really along the right lines.

"My style is quite different – it might not be for everybody and some might say they’re not sure about it – but one thing people say is that the more they look at it, the more they see. It’s quite an original way of painting about sport and football in particular. It’s quite unique and I don’t think another artist has managed to paint about sport in the exciting way that I do. If you like realistic football painting, you wouldn’t be asking for one of mine but they are a bit different with a bit of art to it as well.

"I try and concentrate on relationships that football generates and I feel it’s my job to try and get that down on canvas to show people how important it is. It builds relationships between father and sons and families and it’s celebrating a place of fun. Obviously, it’s about appreciating somebody’s ability to score a goal like Wayne Rooney’s but it’s also about celebrating relationships with the people around you and that’s what football means."

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