Rob Blanchette is a Season Ticket holder at Old Trafford and sits in the highest section of the ground, Sir Alex Ferguson Stand, Tier 3.

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25/03/2013 15:47, Report by Nick Coppack
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Top of Tier 3

Rob Blanchette is a season ticket holder in the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand Tier 3 – the highest point at Old Trafford – and he insists he wouldn’t swap his seat…

How long have you sat in Tier 3?
I've been attending matches at Old Trafford since the mid-80s as a child and have stood and sat in every corner of the stadium. I’ve sat in Tier 3 for six seasons now as a season ticket holder.

What's the best part about sitting up there?
Without doubt, the view! I spent many of my formative years as a kid at ground level. And although I’m not exactly an old man yet, I do enjoy being able to see every shot and every tackle clearly. When Rooney scored his overhead kick against City we had the perfect view of him rising and then smashing the ball into the top corner. And when Chelsea took the title with that late Drogba goal, we didn't need to see a replay to decide if he was offside or not. As long as you don’t suffer from vertigo, I’d say the view from Tier 3 is the best at Old Trafford.

There must be some drawbacks...
There’s a common view among matchgoing Reds that Tier 3 is “a bit rubbish”, but you almost always find that anybody voicing that opinion has never sat up there. If your eyesight is not the sharpest you may well have issues, but the players aren’t exactly tiny dots. In fact, someone once told me that the view from the back of the Stretford End is much inferior to that of Tier 3, as the other end of the pitch is so far away. The panoramic view is unbeatable in Tier 3. Even from the very back row you get a perfect view of all four corner flags.

Are people often surprised by the view?
I chat with the stewards before a match and the common reaction from fans filtering in as they get that first view of the pitch is “Wow!”. I think most are pleasantly surprised. Every now and then you will get someone come in who wobbles at the sheer height of Tier 3, but the view is stunning. The sight really does lend itself to the Theatre of Dreams nickname.

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