Rob Blanchette is a Season Ticket holder at Old Trafford and sits in the highest section of the ground, Sir Alex Ferguson Stand, Tier 3.

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25/03/2013 15:47, Report by Nick Coppack
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Top of Tier 3

Are you surrounded by regulars or first-timers up there?
There’s a mix. In this day and age, there are a lot of first-timers but the rest of us still sing and shout and scream. And you’ll find most people know all the songs, whether they are regulars or not. It’s very rare there’s a spare seat in Tier 3.

You must have thighs of steel, having to climb all those stairs...
It’s about eight flights of stairs to the top, which certainly gets you fit! My general superstition is to go into the stadium as soon as the turnstiles open, so I'm often in two hours before kick-off and can take my time getting up to my seat. Once, during a period of ill health, it took me about 20 minutes, though!

What's the atmosphere like up in Tier 3? Are you a rowdy lot?
When Paul Scholes scored that blockbuster against Barcelona in 2008 it felt like the tier was going to take off into outer space, the way it was shaking. The other games that stick in my mind are the recent Real Madrid match and the one against Aston Villa when Federico Macheda scored an injury-time winner. When Kiko scored I had about five people on my shoulders and the outpouring of emotion was like nothing else. It’s why we go to Old Trafford, for that passion and connection as United fans. There’s simply no other feeling like it.

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