04/03/2013 18:12, Report by Mark Froggatt
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Twelfth man for Tuesday

positive feedback, particularly from other fans’ groups who’ve been suggesting other ideas and ways to improve the stadium.

Was a tribute to Cristiano Ronaldo ever considered?
People suggested the idea on Twitter but we want the emphasis to be on United, not Ronaldo. If fans bring their own flags, try to ensure they’re about us and not Ronaldo because it’s a big game and we want to go through. By all means, clap him at the end of the night but winning should be our priority during the game.

Off the pitch, what else have you got planned?
We've requested that the PA system is switched off five minutes before kick-off so that any noise from the stands is amplified. We’re also running a #ShowYourColours campaign on Twitter encouraging supporters to wear United shirts and scarves on the night. 

As for the match, what impact might the fans have on the result?
It’s a cliché to say we are the 12th man but it’s true. Fans have got to be loud for a game of this magnitude and it's important to stay positive when it gets nervy. The Barcelona match in 2008 showed how we can rally together - we need to do the same on Tuesday.

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