05/03/2013 11:55, Report by Adam Marshall
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Debate: Team for Real

Kones: Ando can shut it down in the middle with Carrick. Nani is a wild-card but put him on the right and give him a chance to make a difference. That vote of confidence could be huge for him.

Oliviertomb: I'd go with the diamond 4-4-2 formation that Sir Alex already used in the Champions League with Kagawa, Rooney and RvP taking care of the attacking stuff.

Paul_ROX: I know that Rooney as a right-defensive midfielder seems odd, but with his speed, stamina and even marking skills he is the only one available to help Rafael on marking Ronaldo, now that Jones is injured.

Man_Utd_Forever: I think I would go quite defensive and use counter-attacks. I would personally go with Nani, Rooney, Kagawa and Welbeck. I think Sir Alex will go with Nani, Rooney, Giggs and van Persie. The reason why I would go with Kagawa is his performance on Saturday and Welbeck because we need to be more solid defensively.

Red Chawstonian: Welbeck should be the first outfield name on the team-sheet, he was brilliant at the Bernabeu.

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