Title jinx

"Fans my age, in their late teens at the time, believed we were jinxed, fated never to see United champions of England – and so never likely to be back among Europe’s elite."

02/05/2013 16:51, Report by J Tuck, G Thompson & P Davies
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Hazy days: 20 years on

James Tuck, linking the generations by watching the Reds become champions with his grandfather, saw it, loved it and bought the T-shirt..

I can vividly recall the unique, floaty sensation induced by Oldham’s 1-0 win at Villa, which handed us the title. I had watched the game at home with my grandfather and, at the final whistle, I didn’t go berserk; instead I sat in disbelieving silence for a good few minutes, before drifting around the house as I waited for it to sink in. The demoralising experience of the previous season had engendered a steadfast refusal to believe United would be the first champions of the Premier League’s brave new world. As an 11-year-old, I hadn’t yearned as long as some Reds for that championship wait to end – but I was no less excited for that. I was buzzing all summer and picked up a rather fetching T-shirt to show my pride.

Gemma Thompson recalls that season for one player more than any other – a certain Frenchman…

1992/93 was a stand-out season for me, not just for seeing United win the league after such a long wait, but it was the campaign in which I first met my hero, Eric Cantona. The day was 19 January 1993, down at United’s old training ground The Cliff. I remember it as though it was yesterday – freezing and windy and Eric was driving a black VW Golf! I watched Oldham v Villa at a family friend’s house; we all piled into their open-top car afterwards, waving our flags and scarves singing ‘Champio-nees’ at the top of our voices as we drove around South Manchester exchanging horn beeps with fellow Reds. The flags and scarves were back out for the open-top bus parade through the city a few days later as I stood with thousands to acclaim Sir Alex and the players.

Paul Davies never believed he’d see what he saw one special day in May ’93 – but he did, and it sparked the waterworks..

I’ve twice shed tears at football matches: the night United were crowned champions against Blackburn in May 1993 and six years later at the Nou Camp. Why the emotion? Because I never thought I’d see United win the league title

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