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17/05/2013 08:57, Report by Editorial team
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Today at Old Trafford

On his final game: "1,500 games – it’s incredible. West Brom have done fantastically. Every team wants to win their last home game and obviously I want to win this one even more than last week's."

On the media: "Dealing with the modern day media is difficult. Sometimes I don't accept what you write but I've always thought you’ve had a difficult job with the pressure you're under. I’ve never held a grudge against anyone – it’s not my style. Thanks for the kind words and thanks for the fantastic time I've had here – even with the press!"

On the last week’s events: "I have been overwhelmed. Sunday was unbelievable and the parade on Monday... I thought '99 could not be beaten but this time seeing all the people on the scaffolding was incredible. I think it was better than '99. I had 10 hours' sleep that night for the first time in my life!"

On retirement: "I haven’t thought about what life will be like. I’m driven to take on other challenges right away. I've got the LMA meeting on Monday and I’m going to Newmarket on Tuesday and Wednesday. I go on holiday on 4 June for a month. I’ll have my operation, then the season starts. I'll be alright."

Summarising his time at United: "The memories are all there in my 26 years at United – the whole thing. The day I came here was a privilege and the day I leave, I feel

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