21/10/2013 15:02, Report by Mark Froggatt
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Fray's unforgettable May

we stayed out of their way, thinking ‘if they want a beer then they will come and have one’. I remember them saying that it was cool that we stayed out of each other’s way, so we left the players alone to celebrate. But then we saw Rio Ferdinand on a train and he said the team had wanted us to go out with them and were waiting for us - I was absolutely gutted.

How did it feel to be involved with United for a week?
It felt good, we didn’t feel out of place. A lot of people have never heard of us. We are a strange band; our fans are really loyal and love us but loads of people don’t know us. We’re not big by any sense of the imagination, it's like being the biggest cult band in Britain. It was cool to see so many people becoming fans of us, though. It did us no harm at all and we raised some money for the Foundation, so it was great.

Finally, what are your hopes for this season?
I don’t think we have a realistic chance of winning the Champions League - the Germans are too good - so I think we should prioritise the Premier League. We should give the manager time to settle though. Throw in one of the domestic cups and I’d be happy. 

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