21/10/2013 08:44, Report by Mark Froggatt

Back the singing section

Well-know United songsmith Pete Boyle discusses plans to trial a singing section at Old Trafford in Wednesday's Champions League game against Real Sociedad...

"Sometimes, you have to support what you believe in, which is why I've backed a campaign to introduce an Old Trafford singing section, an idea that will be trialled during the Champions League match against Real Sociedad. 

The plan, which has been backed by Reclaim United and Stretford End Flags, will see up to 1,400 fans grouped together in the south-east quadrant of the stadium, where the away fans are normally housed. And the aim is simple; to improve the atmosphere.

In recent years, some fans have complained about the noise levels, but rather than moaning ourselves, we've decided to do something about it. This is only the first step, but I'm confident of its success and I'm sure it'll create a better experience for all.

A great atmosphere lifts the team and is easy to create within a group of like-minded Reds; just listen to our away support, it's incredible. And because the acoustics in Old Trafford's 'away end' are much better, we should create a marvellous noise.

Understandably, some fans will be reluctant to leave their seats for sentimental reasons. It was a tough decision to leave my own, but I wanted to stand up and be counted. We have an opportunity to improve the stadium and I hope other fans grab it with both hands."


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