23/09/2013 10:05, Report by Mark Froggatt
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Carrick answers fans

Michael Carrick recently took time out to answer questions posted by Manchester United fans via the club's official Twitter account, @ManUtd

Predictably, the topics discussed were extremely varied and prompted the midfield maestro to touch on all manner of themes. Here's a transcript of his live Q&A...

What has been your proudest moment as a footballer so far? And furthermore in your life?
Winning my first trophy and winning the Champions League was great, as was my England debut. Having two kids is also special.

If you had to take three things to a deserted island, what would you take and why?
A pillow, a bag of sweets and a photo of my family! If I could take my family with me then I obviously would. Otherwise I would take a photo of them.

If you could play one match from your United career again, which would it be?
The Champions League final in Moscow. Everything about it was great – the weather, how late we kicked off, the feeling at the end… I almost cried!

In one word, describe playing alongside Paul Scholes for so many years…
A pleasure, an absolute pleasure (I know that’s not one word!).

What is your favourite #mufc chant?
Apart from my own? Haha! The one that sticks out is the one from the first year I was here… “Mourinho, are you listening?'

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