24/04/2014 13:47, Report by Nathan Thomas
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Fans: Why United is special

"I love Manchester United, not for the many titles and trophies won, but for the fighting spirit and never-say-die attitude." – Zack Leong

"It means never giving up, passion and commitment. No matter what happens, we will always continue to uphold these values." – Gavin David

"Simple: passion, strength, skill and, most of all, a will to win." – Matthew Norris Burns

"The club stands for one thing – passion. No matter what the situation, no matter how adverse, Manchester United will always keep fighting with passion and determination. This club is so much more than just its name, so much more than the many trophies we have won – this club is simply unique. Whenever we get knocked down we always get back up and come back stronger and ever more determined. There is only one Manchester United." – David Berchowitz

"Manchester United is all about playing the beautiful game in the right way, with passion, excitement and entertainment." – Les Hines

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Red through and through

Fans on our official Facebook page explain why Manchester United is so special to them...

"It sums up Manchester, my home city. All my childhood memories are centred around the club. All my family are Reds, it runs deep, and will continue to do so."
– Frances Mincherton

"It's about supporting the club through thick and thin and always striving to be the best."
– Janette Wallace


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