10/02/2014 13:45, Report by Mark Froggatt
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My United: Rick Witter

Champions League winning strike either. It was scrappy but proved that not all great goals are spectacular.  

Which teams do you enjoy beating most?
I don't like the cocky teams so I like United to beat Chelsea and obviously Liverpool. It was also good to beat Arsenal and Martin Keown as well, especially after that game when he was jumping up and down in front of Ruud van Nistelrooy. I remember thinking, ‘grow up you big kid!’. 

What’s your favourite memory from supporting United?
It’s obvious, but it’s got to be the Champions League final in 1999. The last few minutes were ridiculous! I remember watching it in a hotel room in London. We had our Greatest Hits out and were touring all over the world. It was the most incredible feeling ever - I can't imagine how the players felt. That match symbolized the heart and soul of the club – you should never give in! 

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