07/02/2014 16:22, Report by Mark Froggatt

Monaghan: No place like home

The Lord of the Rings and Wild Things host discusses his love for Manchester, Old Trafford and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer...

What do you miss about Manchester while living and working in America?
As you might expect, I miss all of my family and friends in the area. I also miss crumpets and marmite – you can’t get them anywhere in the US. Then there are the newspapers, my mum’s cooking and, of course, watching United in the flesh at Old Trafford. 

Speaking of Old Trafford, how does it make you feel when you come back? 
It's always a great way to check back in with Manchester. That first glimpse of the pitch always gives me shivers, especially at night before a big Champions League tie. I usually go to games with my best mate Tom. We grab a couple of beers, maybe put a few bets on and then grab our seats. Perfect!

An Old Trafford singing section: yay or nay?
I'm all for it to be honest. I support anything that is going to make Old Trafford louder and I reckon it’s a great idea. The introduction of all-stadia seating has hampered the terrace singing a little bit, so a singing section could be a good way to generate more noise. 

We also hear you’ve met Ole Gunnar Solskjaer? 
Yes, he's a really friendly guy with big ambitions. I once got him to write “I scored it” on my 1999 Champions League shirt. I later got Becks to add “I crossed it”, so I’m just waiting for Teddy to finish it off with “I scored too”. But Ole is a lovely man and I think he is going to be a great manager.

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