18/02/2014 09:30, Report by Nick Coppack
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Tom and Jonny talk boots


JE: Also, certain boots are made of different materials. I’ve always preferred a leather boot and I used to wear the Total 90s in the past and loved them. Then the new Tiempos came out and they were leather and suited me. Some leathers stretch more than others after you wear them a few times, but these new Tiempos are great and don’t stretch at all, which means you have a really snug fit. I’ve had the same pair of boots now for just over two months… and bear in mind I’m wearing them every single day and playing a lot of games in them.

TC: I get a pair every couple of months, although I normally train in a different pair to the ones I play in. I’ve just been away with England, though, and Jay Rodriguez had about 50 pairs of boots with him! It’s different for different players.

JE: You break them in by training in them. I had a new pair of boots last week and decided I wouldn’t wear them in the game because I hadn’t worn them enough in training. I wanted to get a better feel for them before I went out on the pitch and wore them in a match. 

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