07/01/2014 12:50, Report by Mark Froggatt

Q&A: Ashley Young

In a recent edition of United Review, Ashley Young took time out to discuss music, the Old Trafford atmosphere and sitting with the Red Army...

If you controlled the Old Trafford stadium playlist, what would you play?
There would be a mix of all sorts of different genres on there from funky house to hip hop, all sorts of different stuff. There would be all sorts of tunes too, some chart stuff as well. I would try to make sure that everyone is listening to good music and feeling happy.

During your career, what’s the best stadium you’ve played in?
Old Trafford is definitely a place that you always want to play at when you have got 76,000 fans screaming for you and wanting you to do well. You could pick no better place to play at. The Champions League matches are the ones that always stick out in my head. The stadium music helps as well. If you ask a lot of the players, everyone talks about the music that is played because it is fantastic. The nights here have been fantastic too and hopefully that can continue.

Last season, you were spotted in the away end at St James’ Park. How much did you enjoy that experience and what reaction did you get from the fans?
It was a great experience and definitely one that I would do again. I went to City a couple of seasons ago as well and got a great reception. I thought I was actually hidden up at Newcastle but from the minute I walked up the stairs, I was spotted straight away. But it was fantastic to be there and the atmosphere was incredible. It was great to be in among that noise. A few of the players have done it and I would definitely say that others should go.

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