16/06/2014 12:51,
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Dutch view on Van Gaal

Ron Snellen, United fan and chairman of Dutch Mancunians supporters group, discusses Louis van Gaal's World Cup ambitions and the excitement around his countryman's impending tenure as Reds boss...

What's your view of Louis van Gaal as national team boss?
Well, he is very special! We will find that out in the next few years. He does what he thinks he has got to do and doesn't care about what people outside the club say or the way the press reacts. As a Dutchman, I'm interested in the World Cup but I'm more excited about what van Gaal does at United. I think he's the right man, in the right place at the right time for United. He likes to play attacking football, he's brilliant at giving chances to young players and that's exactly what we want to see at Old Trafford.

Does that mean you're willing the national team on to World Cup glory or are you thinking more about the impact on United?
[Laughs] As a United fan, I always want our players to do well wherever they play, but I'd like to see Robin have a few weeks' rest so he can return to United and have a great campaign without any of the injury problems he suffered last season. [Before the tournament] I said I'd settle for Holland going home after the first round... van Persie could take some time off, while van Gaal could have a rest and then focus on United. But I said that more as a United fan than a Dutch fan. Nothing is bigger or more important than United to me!

Is that a view shared by many Dutch Reds?
We have 500 members of the Dutch Mancunians and 35 or 40 of them are die-hard Reds who go home and away, following the team around the world. So those guys are only interested in United.

United fans will pay close attention to Louis van Gaal at the World Cup. Will we learn anything about what to expect at Old Trafford?
I don't think so because the Louis van Gaal of 20 years ago is the same Louis van Gaal today, just with more experience. For me, he's a bit like Jose Mourinho in terms of character. He likes to take on the press, but like Mourinho and like Sir Alex Ferguson, he's a manager who defends his

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