19/03/2014 14:00, Report by Mark Froggatt

Q&A: Josh McClorey

Josh McClorey, guitarist with Irish rock band The Strypes, takes time out from touring to discuss his other passion in life... Manchester United!

Who were your favourite players as a kid?
I was always a big David Beckham fan, because when you’re six or seven like I was then he’s the big superstar of the team. I was always a huge Roy Keane fan, too – because of the Irish connection but also the way he played. He had that Rottweiler attitude. You didn’t want to mess with him!

Have you met any of the players?
Just recently I met Sir Bobby Charlton – it was completely far out. He was with Rio Ferdinand at the GQ awards where we were playing, and Sir Bobby was getting an award. It felt like you couldn’t really pick a more iconic player to meet. He had a real aura about him. He’s the godfather, the Al Pacino of Manchester United!

Do you get to many games?
It’s really hard to get the time. Earlier this season I actually managed to see half of the Real Sociedad game because we were on tour with Arctic Monkeys in Manchester. As soon as we got off stage I got a taxi to the game with our manager, who’s also a big fan, and I caught the second half.

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