19/03/2014 13:30, Report by Mark Froggatt

Murdoch puts Reds on ice

United fan David Murdoch, who won a silver medal in curling at the Winter Olympics, explains which Reds could make it on the ice...

"Many attributes are needed to be in a successful curling team and there is a lot more to it than most people think. You must show a lot of dedication to the sport and have the determination to complete the long days of training. 

We are regularly up early and at the curling rink for 6am, beating out bodies up to achieve results. Fans might not think so, but curlers do a lot of work on their body and it’s great that you get a reward from that on the ice. You have to be mentally tough as well, because the game is two and a half hours long, so you must be focused on sheer perfection. 

With that in mind, I would pick Ryan Giggs as skip (captain) of a Manchester United curling team. He has years of dedication behind him and looks after his body meticulously. Phil Jones would be the lead and I’d have Wayne Rooney as the third because he is powerful and extremely vocal. 

Juan Mata would complete the team, adding a bit of style and finesse. Who knows, with a bit of luck, they could make it all the way to PyeongChang 2018… Watch this space!"

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