Founded in 2007 and based in Dubai, MUSC UAE is the Official Manchester United Supporters Club' in the United Arab Emirates.

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24/03/2014 15:49, Report by James Tuck

Dubai Reds visit Old Trafford

Four members of the Reds’ official supporters club in the United Arab Emirates, based in Dubai, made the trip to see United’s game against Liverpool at Old Trafford recently. And while the result was disappointing, the group still had a special time, as member Swand Qat recalls…

It turns out the grass IS greener on the Old Trafford pitch. What an experience, what an adrenaline rush!

Nostalgic feelings wash over me as I recall how fortunate I was to witness not only a United game, but the biggest game of all. Although we suffered a big defeat against Liverpool, I can’t deny that I left the stadium with a smile.

It was the best atmosphere ever. The fans did not stop singing for a second. We sang the famous “Twenty times, Man Utd” song repeatedly. The chanting got louder as the game wore on and only stopped half-an-hour after the final whistle.

Three others accompanied me to my dream land and, thanks to the efforts of the UAE Supporters’ Club, our chairman Mustafa Ibrahim and the staff at United, we were fortunate enough to go on an exclusive tour.

We met ex-Reds stars Gary Pallister, Stuart Pearson and Quinton Fortune, and had the chance to actually stand on, sniff and touch the grass on the Reds’ pitch. If only time could stand still…


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