01/05/2014 15:48, Report by Mark Froggatt

Buy the Belfast Boy!

United fans are being urged to buy a reworked version of ‘Belfast Boy’ and get the George Best tribute song to number one, just in time for the club legend’s birthday on 22 May.  

The classic terrace anthem was originally released by Don Fardon in 1970 and has been updated by psychedelic Manchester band The Electric Stars, who will donate all profits from the single to the George Best Foundation and United’s own charity Foundation following its 12 May release. 

As lead singer and Old Trafford employee Jason Edge explains, the idea was dreamt up during a chance meeting with celebrity Red Eamonn Holmes. “I work in the director’s area and, one day, I was having a chat with Eamonn. We got to talking about music and the old George Best song. I happened to mention that we play live as a band and he explained that nobody had ever re-recorded it. 

“At that point, we both had a light-bulb moment! What if we re-released it for charity? Before you knew it, it all just blew up. Eamonn talked to his contacts and I spoke to the club. Now, we are in the position where we can actually get it to number one in the charts for his birthday.

“That might sound a bit crazy but in the modern day industry you only have to sell around 40,000 copies to get into the top 10 and possibly top the charts. If just a percentage of United fans buy the single, then it would scream into the charts and we can raise a lot of money for charity.”

A digital version of 'Belfast Boy' is also available on itunes now.

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