02/05/2014 10:47, Report by Mark Froggatt
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United Q&A: Ben Pearce

The up-and-coming Manchester DJ introduces himself to United fans and explains why Wayne Rooney gets his vote for Player of the Year...

How would you introduce your music to United fans?
It can be described as deep and soulful electronic music, but it’s really broad and covers quite a lot of spectrums. I’m from Sale and one of my singles, What I Might Do, peaked at no.7 in the UK charts last summer. I do a lot of touring, but I can’t wait to come back to Manchester for the Parklife Festival in July - it’s going to be great.

What are your earliest Reds memories?
I remember having that really old grey away kit (95/96) with Solskjaer’s name on the back. I’m not sure what I did with it, but I wish I still had it because it was amazing and is something of a collector’s item now. Ole was one of my heroes as well and that team of the late nineties was amazing. There were plenty of idols to look up to and the football was incredible to watch.

Did you get to many matches growing up?
To be honest, I didn’t get to that many because I always played football and golf on the weekends. I suppose you go a lot if your dad does, but mine didn’t. I try to now, especially during the week. I still struggle at weekends because I’m always working or touring. I was in Australia recently and got up at 6am to watch the Arsenal game, which wasn’t worth it in the end! 

Europa League: yay or nay?
It’s a European competition and we have to go for whatever we can get at the moment. It is obviously a big step down from the Champions League, a

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