28/09/2013 17:13, Report by Steve Bartram
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The Match: Shock defeat

maximise their own time on the ball. Victor Anichebe's bullish display as a lone striker set the tone for a battling display, and he was surrounded by several heroic performers.

Move of the match United went from defence to attack in the blink of an eye, as Rooney showed staggering composure and skill to arc a wonderful pass into Nani's path. Though the Portuguese winger sprinted clear, his target, Chicharito, was unable to find an onside position to receive possession, and the chance fizzled out.

In the stands Unsurprisingly, the home support were left stunned in the end, despite doing their utmost to raise their side in every late attack. It was the visiting supporters, however, who laughed last and loudest, and were boinging all the way back to the Midlands.

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