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individual profile for you so that we can understand and respect your preferences and to calculate the level of any loyalty reward due to you

Disclosure of your information
In order to provide our products and services to you, we may need to appoint other organisations to carry out some of the processing activities on our behalf. These will include, for example, delivery organisations, fraud screening companies (see below) and mailing houses. In these circumstances, we will ensure that your information is properly protected.
Fraud Prevention and Screening

In order to combat credit and debit card (payment card) fraud, MU uses 3rd Man Limited to provide payment card fraud screening services.

In order to do this, MU provide 3rd Man with details of all transactions where made using a payment card.  This information includes:

- name, address and contact details of the purchaser;
- details of products/services purchased; and
- financial/payment details (including credit card details).

3rd Man will then analyse and (if applicable) match this data with details of other transactions provided to it by other retailers/service providers in order to assess if there is a fraud risk associated with the purchase.  On completion of this analysis, 3rd Man will provide MU with a risk assessment for that particular purchase and we may cancel any transaction if we reasonably consider that it presents a fraud risk to MU.  In such circumstances, MU will act in good faith in attempting to contact any purchaser of goods or services to allow them the opportunity to pay using cleared funds.

If you have any further queries as to the details of this service, please contact us at the address set out below.

Please note that while the information disclosed to 3rd Man and the results of any assessment will not be directly disclosed to any other third party, they may be used by 3rd Man to make risk assessments on behalf of other customers.

Where we do provide 3rd Man with this information we will ensure that your information is properly protected.

MU commercial partner programme

Manchester United teams up with a selection of carefully chosen commercial partners, an up-to-date list of our partners is available by clicking here or from the address below.

Offers and opportunities
Our commercial partner programme is designed to support the Club and also to bring customers,

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