06/06/2013 15:51, Report by Nick Coppack
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Welbeck interviews Rio

Danny Welbeck usually spends his time scoring goals, but when the players were given a first look at the new United home kit, we asked Danny to interview his friend and team-mate Rio Ferdinand to see what the defender made of the new jersey

DW: So Rio, are you excited to see the new kit?
RF: I am, yeah. It’s always good to have a look at the new kit before it comes out.

Will you be wearing the collar up or down?
Down. There’s only one person who should be wearing the collar up and that’s Eric Cantona. He’s retired now.

One of your fellow team members has worn it up in today’s photoshoot...
Who’s that? Is it Wazza?

You’ll see the pictures...
Is it Wazza?

That’s a good guess.
Why’s he trying to do a Cantona? There’s only one Cantona! [laughs]

That’s Wazza for you, isn’t it?... How important is the look and the feel of the shirt?
I think the look’s really important. When you feel comfortable in a shirt you can go out and express yourself maybe that little bit better, even if it’s just adding that one per cent to your well-being. This kit fits nicely, it’s comfortable, the texture’s nice... I don’t know too much about the ins and outs of the technology, whether it retains water or the water runs off it, for instance, but I do like the kit. It’s nice.

Going into the United dressing room on a matchday, how good is it to see the kit lined up?
As long as your name’s in there you’re happy. You don’t want to go in there and see

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