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Welbeck interviews Rio

everybody else’s shirt and yours is still in the bag! I just think back to when I was a kid and I always dreamed about wearing certain kits. I dreamt of wearing the England kit and the England kit was the first one I ever owned. My uncle bought it for me – the red one. To be honest, though, I’m still like a kid when I see a new kit. You want to feel it, you want to see how the socks fit, the smell, the texture... I don’t think you ever lose that.

On a matchday do you have any routines you follow?
Have you not seen them?

Well, I’m usually too busy doing my own thing.
Mine change over the years. If I’m playing well then I’ll continue to do certain things. If I’ve had a beast then I’ll change a few things. One thing I do is I always splash water on my face in the tunnel.

I’ve seen that, to be fair.
And as soon as I go over the line to go out onto the pitch I jump in the air. And then I run over to the corner flag. The list goes on and on... I have certain foods I eat too.

If you miss something out, does it play on your mind?
I try not to let it. It used to when I was younger but I try not to let it now. I just get through it and carry on. I don’t let it weigh me down.

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