05/06/2013 16:00, Report by Nick Coppack

Fans' first reactions

The reaction among Manchester United supporters since the new home kit was revealed at 12:30 BST on Wednesday has been overwhelmingly positive.

The classic design and return to an iconic collar seems to have struck a chord with United fans. Indeed, here's a selection of comments from our Talking Reds forum. You can join in the discussion at

jk1982 I like it. I like the retro style to it and think the simplicity of it is really appealing. Maybe I'm getting old, but this is my favourite kit for years.

Unger94 I love the new kit. It's really simple and classy. Let's hope that the away kit will be just as good!

nep_riz9_utd Looks good to me and it will feel even better the sooner I have one.

redchawstonian I like it. The buttons make it look especially smart. I'll be buying it and I hope to be wearing it come the Community Shield.

United_Head It's my favourite kit for a while, I think. Like someone else said, I will like it even more once it's mine and I watch the lads out there playing in it!

jthayer78 Ordered two myself. I like it. The collar is a throw-back to the 90s.

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