21/05/2013 13:03, Report by Adam Marshall
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Stam admires Ajax policy


"Ajax were struggling a couple of years ago for what to do with the club," admitted Stam. "They want to bring in youth but want to become bigger in Europe. For Ajax and all the Dutch teams, it's hard to perform in Europe because the money and budgets are a lot smaller than in England, for instance. 

"Ajax want to concentrate on the youth teams as well so they want to bring in former players so they can work with the youth players; make them better, quicker and faster so they can develop very well and maybe get into the first team earlier. The first team is then getting stronger and stronger and, of course, then they can also make good deals with certain players."

When asked if United could benefit from retaining the services of the likes of Giggs and Scholes, Stam replied: "I'm sure of it. Of course, they need to back themselves but, if you see those players with the knowledge they have got of what do on the pitch, they can help players out in certain situations and make it clear to them.

"I think players develop even quicker if players like that help them out in a certain way at a younger age. Ryan Giggs is amazing with what he is doing every time I see him. I am thinking: 'Well, well. I could have done that as well but I don't really think so!'.

"I think Sir Alex Ferguson managed him very well as a player of a certain age sometimes needs a rest at certain times. His skills are very important for United so he's got a good mixture between playing and having a rest. I think that's very important at United. 

"I appreciate what Scholesy and Giggsy have been doing and what they've done for the club. It's great and, like I've spoken before, at United in the first team, you've got young players in there as well as players like Scholes and Giggs and that can only help those players joining the first team."

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