Helen McConnell


First and foremost Helen loves watching sport and all things related, so whilst studying Sports Studies at university it made sense to begin a career in sports broadcasting.  During her time at university Helen began working freelance in Northern Ireland reporting on Irish league games, motorsports, cricket, hockey athletics and even a bit of fishing. 

Helen has always been a massive football fan, particularly growing up in a family of Reds with two older brothers who either put her in goal in the back garden or made her watch George Best and Manchester United videos on days off school.  But rather than being forced into loving football and Manchester United it came naturally to her and so from a young age Manchester United was the only team Helen knew anything about. 

Working at MUTV is Helen’s dream job and she attends every home game and likes to travel to as many away games as a fan.  Helen is still in awe of the Theatre of Dreams, each time she comes to work she is reminded of how lucky she is to breathe the same air as United legends past and present.

Quick facts

I have an unhealthy obsession with McDonalds, when I first moved to Manchester I was eating 3-4 a week but try to limit myself to 1 a week now.

After football my favourite sports to watch are snooker, tennis, athletics and even a bit of darts.

My first car was a little red 1998 Corsa named Ronnie who had a hole in one door which I filled in with blue-tack and a different coloured bonnet – I loved him.

I have never tasted tea or coffee, much to my friends’ dismay as they always try and force me to have my first cup.

I’m very competitive and have played hockey for 12 years, although I don’t play so much now I run at least 3 times a week and like to compete in 10Ks.


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