24/07/2013 19:32, Report by Adam Marshall
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Young welcomes Zaha

Ashley Young has welcomed the competition Wilfried Zaha will bring to a place on the flanks in David Moyes' Manchester United side.

The experienced England winger has linked up with the squad on tour after recovering from injury and has been impressed by the glimpses of real quality shown by the summer arrival from Crystal Palace.

Even though the two could be competing for a first-team spot at times in the upcoming season, Young can only see the benefits of bringing the 20-year-old into the squad.

"You've always got to be on point every day as there is so much competition for places," he told MUTV. "It's always good for the club having additions like Wilf and he's been fantastic.

"He's had the experience of joining the tour a bit earlier on and he's got to know the team. As a club, any new player who comes in is welcomed with open arms. From the experience I had, you just have got to work hard and get your head down and that's exactly what I've seen so far from Wilf.

"He's going to be a fantastic player. We wouldn't have signed him if he wasn't going to have a great future and he'll have the experience of listening to the older, experienced players talk. He takes that on board and he'll go on to settle in straight away. It's easy to settle in at a place like this."

It's been two years since Young joined United from Aston Villa and he feels he has become a better player since linking up with the champions.

"I think it's gone pretty quickly," he admitted. "Two years ago, I was walking around a park in Boston and now I'm here in Japan two years on. It's a totally different experience to back then. Obviously, I'd just joined the club and was new to

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