28/06/2013 12:00, Report by Mark Froggatt
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Dublin's advice for Zaha

respect what you are around, listen to the people who will teach you to become a better player, take it on board and he will do amazingly.”

Despite being one of the most exciting prospects in the game, having won the Championship Player of the Year award after helping the Eagles secure promotion to the top-flight last term, Dublin insists the protégée has a lot of work to do but is confident the youngster will flourish at United.

“It is not easy to settle in,” Dion stated. “You do have to go in with the right attitude in order to be accepted and to settle in quickly. You do get sussed out in the game of football very quickly if you go in with a chip on your shoulder and if you are bouncing about like you are the new boy on the block. You will get hammered in the dressing room and rightly so, especially when you come to a football club like this.

"I don’t know Zaha personally, but I have seen him play several times and I think he is an unbelievable talent and one that needs coaching.He needs to know when to do things, where to do things, how to do it, who to listen to, what to contribute to his team, but I‘m sure the manager, Mr Moyes, will do that amazingly and pull him aside. It is not easy to settle in but it can be made easier if you go in with the right attitude.”

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