20/08/2014 19:30, Report by B Hibbs. Interview by David Stowell
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Rojo: I will give everything for United

Marcos Rojo gave his exclusive first interview to MUTV, saying he has joined the world's biggest club and promises to "play each game as if it's my last"...

Welcome to Manchester United. How does it feel to be here and to be signing for this club?
Thanks very much. I'm very happy as this is a big step forward in my career and it's amazing to be joining the biggest club in the world.

What do you know about the club, the history, the players?
I know a lot about the club because I always follow the Premier League and Manchester United were always my team because they were the biggest and the best. Juan Sebastian Veron played for United and was a great player and I always watched his progress. United were always my club.

There has been a lot of talk and speculation about the move. How have the last few days been for you?
It's taken a while for everything to get sorted out because these transfers can be very difficult, but I'm so happy to be here at Manchester United.

How did you feel when you heard for the first time that Louis van Gaal wanted to sign you?
It was unbelievable. We played against his team in the World Cup and they were excellent. When I heard that he wanted me to come here I was very happy but also very proud and very excited to get an opportunity at a club like this.



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