Javier Rojo travelled for five hours to see the Barclays Premier League trophy on display at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.

14/10/2011 09:57, Report by David Agren
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Mexicans show their colours

Manchester United fans in Mexico have gone to great lengths to catch up with the Champions Trophy Tour.

Javier Rojo, for example, got up at 05:00 and travelled five hours on a bus to Mexico City from his home in Veracruz state – the first such trip of his young life. Once there, he was among the first to queue outside the Nike store in the mammoth Azteca Stadium, site of the 1970 and 1986 World Cup finals and Diego Maradona's infamous 'Hand of God' goal.

Rojo did it all for a chance to have his photo taken with the Barclays Premier League trophy, which was on display on 13 October in the Mexican capital.

"I'm missing work, I'm missing university all to be here," said Rojo, whose name, appropriately enough, means 'red' in Spanish.

Rojo, 23, has always liked English football and was drawn to Manchester United. He's one of a growing number of United fans in Mexico, where teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid traditionally have been the foreign sides attracting the most support. But that's changing.

The turnout at the Azteca Stadium surpassed expectation with hundreds of fans coming to see the trophy, despite heavy rainfall in the afternoon. United shirts now are commonly spotted in Mexico, especially since Mexican superstar Javier Hernandez joined the club.

Chicharito, many fans say, deserves credit for building the United fan base in Mexico.

"He's the player of the moment," said architecture student Gonzalo Mendoza, 20. "Many people have become Manchester United fans, including me."

Maria del Rocio Saavedra, who came to the stadium dressed in red, added: "All young boys now want to be Chicharito."

Fans at the Azteca Stadium expressed both satisfaction and surprise at the success Chicharito has had with United, especially given the team's

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