23/12/2008 16:49, Report by Communications Department
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Reds welcome FA statement

"The FA has also given a commitment that it will ensure appropriate measures will be in place to prevent information being publicised following disciplinary hearings, before clubs are notified of any formal decisions from hearings or intention to publicise findings.

"The FA regrets that those involved in providing evidence at the hearing concerning Manchester United’s Patrice Evra’s charge were not verbally advised that their words would be publicised before, and after giving evidence.

"Additionally, The FA has also made clear it is regrettable that it did not extend the courtesy generally provided to clubs, to advise Manchester United - in advance - that the written findings from the disciplinary hearing of 4/5th December 2008, would be made public.

"The FA acknowledges that it has not been normal procedure for written findings to be published previously, and that there has only been a small number of cases when they have been.

"The fact that they were on The FA’s official website on Monday 15th December, before Manchester United had notified The FA of their decision not to exercise their right to appeal against the four-match suspension imposed on Patrice Evra, has also been acknowledged by The FA.

"While doing so, The FA has made it clear it stands by the decision of the Independent Commission, and the decision to publish the written findings of the hearing, although in this case a summary may have been more appropriate, due to those who provided evidence not being made aware that they would be doing so publicly and also that individuals reputations have been publicly called into question through doing so.

"We should also make clear that Manchester United’s Mike Phelan and Richard Hartis appeared and gave evidence at the hearing following a request from The FA, not because Manchester

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