20/05/2008 11:05, Report by Nick Coppack

Ryan: Get your family fit

Ryan Giggs is leading a new scheme designed to inspire families to exercise together.

Shaping Up, an initiative from The Children’s Society and United, is a free online guide packed with family-friendly tips on healthy living.

Giggs, still playing top-flight football at the age of 34, didn’t hesitate putting his name to the scheme.

“I helped out with the Shaping Up guide because I think promoting fitness for families is really important," said Ryan.

"Apart from the physical benefits, sport is a great way for families to spend more time together.”

The Children’s Society’s Penny Nicholls agrees: “Staying fit and improving your health together is a really important part of family life.

“Whether it is playing football in the park or going for a walk on a Sunday afternoon, playing sport together is invaluable in building strong relationships and keeping fitness fun.”

The Shaping Up guide can be downloaded for free at

Tips for family fitness

The Shaping Up Guide from United and The Children's Society offers numerous tips on how you could enjoy exercise with family and friends. For example...

"Hold a mini sports day in your garden or a local playing field. Encourage everyone to make up a mini game to compete in."

"Vary the activities you do as a family to keep them fresh. Play football one week, go for a bike ride the next and go swimming one evening in the week."


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