03/11/2008 17:46, Report by Strathclyde Police
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Going to Glasgow? Read this

Strathclyde Police today issued advice to fans attending Wednesday's match in Glasgow between Celtic and United.

The advice is particularly aimed at the circa 3,000 United fans, some of who may be visiting Scotland for the first time.

As with any major event, public safety is paramount. High visibility policing and additional patrols in and around the city centre will help these events pass safely, allowing supporters to enjoy themselves.

Contingencies will be in place across the whole of Strathclyde to ensure the safety of the public - not only for the match, but also for all the other events taking place in the city.

Chief Superintendent David Martin, divisional commander for the area, is the senior officer in charge of the game. He said:

"Celtic recently travelled to Manchester and fans were well received by the club, the council and the local people. The teams have played each other on a number of occasions and enjoy a good relationship and we look forward to reciprocating the hospitality enjoyed by fans in Manchester.

"We expect the game to be a typical evening of European football and hope it will be an occasion that will be remembered for events on the field rather than opposed to anything that may happen off the field.

"This may be the first time in Glasgow, or indeed Scotland, for some of the United fans and with that in mind, I would advise anyone heading to the game and not familiar with the area, to make sure they plan ahead and leave plenty of time for their journey.

"We know just over 3,100 tickets have been allocated to the travelling fans. Officers will be carrying out regular ticket checks on the way to Celtic Park, so to avoid disappointment or being late, try and get to the ground in plenty of time. If you don’t have a ticket, there is no point in even trying to get to the game as you will not get in.”

Drinking bylaws and the drinking of alcohol on buses and trains will be strictly enforced. Officers will be patrolling bus stations and working with BTP at train stations. Chief Superintendent Martin continued:

“I would like to point out some of the different laws in place in Scotland with regard to drinking alcohol in public places and remind fans that

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