31/12/2009 12:22,
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Police advice for FA Cup tie

"In recent weeks we have been asking local pubs and off-licences to limit their sales and opening times, and advising coach operators of the dangers of transporting drunken fans.

"This is not about spoiling anyone's fun but is about ensuring the match passes off safely, enjoyably and without incident. Anyone arriving at the stadium drunk will be refused entry and is likely to be arrested."

"I want to stress that the overwhelming majority of fans are just that - fans who cause no trouble and go purely to enjoy the football and support their team.

"Of the tens of thousands of fans who will be watching the game, it is only a small minority who may try to cause trouble and spoil it for everyone, and we will not hesitate to make arrests of troublemakers. The conduct of supporters reflects on the image of their club and this is a great opportunity for fans of both clubs to show the positive side of football."

Due to the sheer volume of fans expected at Old Trafford, traffic delays are unavoidable and, while GMP will be working hard to minimise disruption and ensure traffic flow, fans are advised to give themselves extra time to make their way to the ground.

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