13/08/2010 12:07, Report by Nick Coppack

Reds ban vuvuzelas

Manchester United has joined the growing list of Barclays Premier League clubs that have banned vuvuzelas from their stadiums.

The horn instrument has been a fixture at sporting events in South Africa since 2002, but divided public opinion at the recent World Cup. FIFA even came under pressure to ban the instrument after a deluge of complaints from television viewers, fans and players.

Now, Manchester United has confirmed supporters will not be allowed to bring the instrument into Old Trafford.

A club spokesperson said: "The decision was taken after careful consideration and in light of correspondence received from fans. We recognise the vuvuzela was a feature at the World Cup – and we're sure it will remain a part of the matchday experience in South Africa – but in the context of English football we believe it's had its day."


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