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03/12/2010 14:58, Report by Craig Franklin
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Five fans from around the world recently won annual subscriptions to MUTV Online in an exclusive competition.

We spoke to three of the lucky winners, who were randomly selected from thousands of entries, to find out more about their passion for United.

Tom Morgan, a lifelong supporter who was at Old Trafford for the first game of season against Newcastle, has been a big fan of Nani this season but his favourite player is Paul Scholes, who he describes as a "true legend".

Craig Drover, from Canada, started watching United at the start of the 1990s. He says: "The coverage of English football at that time in Canada really took a back seat to hockey and other sports, so with the exception of a few big games or clips, one had to go out of the way to get any information.

"The history of the club was what interested me at first, because I am a big fan of the Montreal Canadians hockey team and the history of success at the two clubs is fairly similar. But I was completely hooked after watching guys like Cantona, Bruce, Irwin and Hughes on TV clips following the cup wins in the 90s."

Craig also looked to the club for inspiration in coaching his own team. "When I was coaching youth football a few years ago, I would study the United games on TV in order to learn different formations and tactics and when to apply them," he added.

"I would then incorporate the information in to practices and game situations to help the players understand things like counter-attacks, team width and positioning.”

Paul Hunt, an Old Trafford East Stand regular, was so excited when United clinched an 18th league title to match Liverpool’s all-time record, he couldn’t resist the chance to take a replica trophy down to Anfield to celebrate. Click on the image on the left to view the winners' gallery and to see his exploits.

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