09/02/2010 09:52, Report by Communications Dept.

Villa travel advice

Aston Villa wish to communicate the following information to United supporters travelling to Villa Park for Wednesday’s Barclays Premier League match:

“We recommend that fans travelling by car from the North exit the M6 at Junction 7 and follow the signs for Birmingham A34.

“Having passed Alexandra Stadium on the left, all vehicles should stay in the nearside lane. Leave the main carriageway just prior to the flyover at Perry Barr Greyhound Stadium (do not go over the flyover).

“The road splits into four lanes as you approach the traffic lights. Stay in the left-hand lane and you will see signs for matchday parking priced at £4.

“Villa Park is a 10-to-15-minute walk from the car park and using these car parks will ensure you access the motorway quickly after the match.”

Disabled supporters should contact Aston Villa's Disabled Liaison Officer on 0121 327 2299 (ext 344) for information on Disabled parking.


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