18/01/2010 09:00, Report by Nick Coppack
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Police advice for semi-final

Greater Manchester Police have urged supporters of both teams attending Tuesday’s Carling Cup semi-final at the City of Manchester Stadium to enjoy the game peacefully.

Assistant Chief Constable Ian Hopkins, Gold Commander for the match, says: "The derby is always highly anticipated by both sets of fans and our aim is to help make the occasion a safe and enjoyable one.

“Yes, there is going to be banter between the fans, but it’s when that banter turns into aggressive and violent behaviour that the city of Manchester will suffer.

"I would like to stress that although the rivalry has always been there between the fans, previous derby matches have passed off largely peacefully and without major incident.”

Hopkins revealed his pride at knowing at least one team from the city will reach Wembley but warned supporters police would arrest any troublemakers.

“Tuesday’s game is not only a Manchester derby, but the semi-final of the Carling Cup, meaning that no matter what, there will be a representative of Manchester at Wembley for the final.

“It truly is a great day for the city and we would ask fans to play their part by behaving sensibly.

"Of the tens of thousands of fans who will be watching the game both at the ground and in licensed premises, it is only a small minority who cause trouble and try and spoil it for everyone, and we will not hesitate to make arrests of troublemakers.

"Greater Manchester Police is very experienced at policing football matches and this game will be no exception. Officers will be taking the opportunity to talk to fans in and around

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