10/12/2011 12:16, Report by Communications Dept.
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Season ticket info

As announced on Thursday night, 8 December, the Board has decided to set aside the terms and conditions of Season Tickets that relate to holders having to buy tickets for all European cup competition matches played at Old Trafford in relation to this season’s Europa League games.  Please note this applies to 2011/12 only.

If you are a Season Ticket holder, the Club will guarantee your seat (subject to operational requirements) for each Europa League home game unless you tell us that you do not wish to buy it.  Season Ticket holders currently opted-out for Carling Cup games should note that this opt-out will not automatically transfer over to the Europa League.  If you intend to opt-out of all home Europa League games, you must tell the Ticket Office from 9am on Monday 12 December in the usual way (see below, “How do I opt-out?”).

This is a long statement, for which we apologise, but please read it carefully, it has been produced to help you understand what will happen with tickets for Europa League games that United play this season.

It is important to note that the Club will treat this season’s Europa League as a completely separate competition to all the others that fans are used to buying tickets for.

As a result, supporters need to note the following points:

• If United are to reach the Europa League final in Romania in May, the team will have to play eight matches (four at home and four away).  Each of these games will count as one credit.  There will be a maximum of eight credits.  Priority for final tickets will be given to fans with the most credits in the Europa League games

• Europa League away credits are only earned on the successful collection of the match ticket in the city where the game is being played, in accordance with the arrangements set out

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